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king doofus
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

hello friends
my name is terra
are you ready for some amazing artwork
because im about to disappoint you

if you give me core
i will draw you whatever you want
and i will make it good
unlike the usual dreck in my gallery

about me



these people are totally radical, i would do anythin for them
cuz thats what friends do
and you should watch them :thumbsup:

ik these people irl and theyre pretty gr8

im a fat gay and i want to go to ice hell ftw


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Its Terra's life but every time she does something gay its replaced by Shrek 2 but its backwards and at %100000 speed except for the i need a hero part but when hero is said its replaced by nutshack and everytime they say nutshack its replaced by an episode of teen titans go but every time starfire says "the" its replaced by an episode of caillou but every time gilbert meows its replaced by the fitness gram pacer test but every time they say pacer its replaced by rickroll but every time music plays its replaced by nyan cat but every time nyan cat is seen on screen its replaced by bee movie but without bees but every time a human is seen its replaced by grand dad but every time grand dad is said its replaced by bolbi but every time bolbi says slap slap slap its replaced by a geibuchan ytp but every time azumanga daioh is shown its replaced by kyle but every time kyle breathes its replaced by madagascar but every time someone blinks its replaced by vinny but every time vinny says "dreadfully boring" its replaced by dr phil but every time someone pauses its replaced by an episode of full house but without michelle and every time theres a scene where michelle should be its replaced by donald trump but every time donald trump mentions immigrants its replaced by dora the explorer and every time boots is on screen its replaced by
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